About Us

Crafting authentic partnerships for brand excellence

About Us

Crafting authentic partnerships for brand excellence


Building brands
One story
at a time

At dau, we’re not fans of Jedi mind tricks. We’re all about helping brands “do good better” in all ways possible. We’re like your personal cheerleaders, engaging in constant & inspiring conversations with all the important peeps.

We wear our passion on our sleeves; with us, what you see is what you get—we promise to deliver & make your dreams come true!


Our Capabilities

We eat, sleep & and breathe the art of crafting deeply connected brands, services & campaigns.

Our mission? To ignite lasting & prosperous relationships between businesses & their cherished customers.

Insights & Strategy

We don't just plan & strategize for the present, we catapult your brand into


Spicing up your brand's game with content that's as unique as a unicorn on roller skates.

Experience Design

UI/UX made to make your brand shine brighter than a disco ball on a rocket ship!

Advertising & Scale

Mixing creativity with rocket fuel to propel your brand's life to new heights.


Gaurav Hasija

A Chief Executive Officer and founder of dau agency with expertise in digital marketing, branding, business development, operations in all diversified industries. As a digital strategist, he understands the brand objectives and accordingly designs strategies that incorporate functionality and aesthetics for optimum results. With over 13 years of experience, Gaurav knows all the tricks the big brands play.

He works with multiple stakeholders across the business, understands their requirements, pitches designs, and drives creative direction for all projects to ensure consistent brand presence within the marketplace.


Team Members

Alisha Duggal

Srishti Dutt

Mahir Midha

Princy Gupta

Pratik Kumar

Roshan Lal

Sahebe Alam

Developer at Dau Agency

Ajay Kumar

Vanshika Bharal

Apoorva Kohli

Smriti Ahuja

Sakshi Grover

Vansh Gulati

Sanjay Kumar Monu