What is WhatsApp Business and how to use it in your marketing?

WhatsApp has revolutionised the way we text and contact people. Launched in the year 2009 as a text and messaging app, it has since come a long way in terms of its popularity, and reach.


The popular app has introduced numerous innovative features over the years to widen its horizon from a text and messaging app to a preferred means of communication & an important business tool.

What is WhatsApp Business?

The WhatsApp Business feature was introduced keeping small businesses and small business owners in mind. The app allows companies to interact and personally connect with their customers directly through WhatsApp, addressing their concerns and enabling smooth sales. Apart from local businesses, it is useful for medium and large businesses as well as it enables them to deliver important notifications regarding the product, sales and delivery quickly. It helps businesses highlight their products and services in an interactive manner through catalogues and showcases their speciality too. Engaging via this app enhances the customers shopping experience and keeps the users updated through quick interaction. It offers a wider scope for businesses, attracts and caters to a larger audience.


WhatsApp Business allows companies to communicate with their customers safely and securely within a reliable platform, creates superior brand connections while allowing global engagement and has numerous additional benefits. Being tied to a single number, it gives an advantage to the business owners and consumers to know who they are chatting with, without much confusion. With the concept of read receipts, it makes it easy to know whether the message has been delivered or has not been delivered and then read. The fad of business messaging is becoming a growing trend, further increasing sales and customer service satisfaction. Facilitating a new transaction has never seemed easier and faster.


Since WhatsApp is already a widely used and accepted messaging app, there are numerous customers or potential customers who are already using the platform. All a business owner needs to do is create a presence on the App with a single number and make a direct connection with the users. Various phones come with WhatsApp as a preinstalled app; hence user adoption is continuing to grow at a considerable rate.

Why is it helpful to marketers?

With the increasing growth rates come irresistible features of WhatsApp Business. You get to experience these amazing features at a comparatively nominal price,making it one of the best ways to bring your business to the audiences. Still, more importantly, your WhatsApp Business profile gives you the opportunity to inject your brand with every customer interaction that occurs! You can activate service messages, automated texts and more via WhatsApp while also saving the costs of sending out text messages via SMS through a verified source.


Some other distinguishers include having Business Profiles that help the buyers obtain additional information about the business that they are interacting with such as their address, store name, email, social media links or any further information needed. They help the customers get an overview of what the business is about. Additionally, like other verified accounts on social media platforms, WhatsApp business too introduced verified business accounts which add to the authenticity of the business.


You can take your business communication up a notch by setting up a virtual business reception desk via WhatsApp where you can automate introductory messages for your customers and set quick replies to ensure that the basic details and queries are answered instantly. Greeting messages for users when they message you increase their trust in you and their loyalty towards your business. You can also customise ‘away messages’ to let the users know that you about the off-hours or your unavailability. WhatsApp enables multimedia communications too, so adding photos, documents, videos, Slideshare allows brands to have the freedom to be creative with their conversations.


WhatsApp Business offers messaging statistics which is a feature that provides the business owners with the opportunity to calculate the number of messages sent, delivered and read during a particular duration. This enables them to plan and tweak their quick replies as per the demand and adjust their strategy accordingly.


Just like your regular WhatsApp services, WhatsApp Business can also be accessed through the WhatsApp web, which makes it easy for business owners to handle their conversations and transactions online without a mobile app.

What does it all mean to you?

While the standard WhatsApp app may have many advanced features, these little distinguishers set the two apps apart and give a spotlight to various businesses. It is created to cater to business and client needs and helps businesses in multiple ways.


There is not much that needs to be done while setting up a WhatsApp business account. All you as a business owner needs is a business, a smartphone and a number.


Another important piece of information that you need to remember is that not all WhatsApp Business accounts get verified. There are certain factors that are usually considered, such as the notability of a brand, to verify an account.


Moving to WhatsApp Business has its perks and allows the business to expand globally, giving the users the freedom to reach to global customers without much hassle. With it being free and easily accessible to various countries, the consumer base grows and makes personal as well as business interactions easy.

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