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Hughes Education

Hughes Education is a learning platform that caters to customers who are busy working professionals. It is a real-time interactive tool which allows you to learn at the convenience of your schedule, anywhere and anytime.

The target was to improve all customer-facing activities and achieve more leads.


We worked on CRO and fixing technical bugs on the website to improve the user's experience.


Enhancing the User Journey Through Data-Backed Tweaks

We used SEMrush to improve site health and Hotjar to improve how users interacted with the page. Later, we reviewed the market research and decided which elements to implement based on their results. For instance, factors such as the placement of our enquiry form or our banner’s style were changed because of what we found from conducting this market analysis. Along with this, courses schema was integrated on all course pages, a significant change seen on CTR. After this, we combined the schema markup into all of their course pages, which led to a rise in CTRs across nearly all the course pages.

3 Months

During 3 months, we made a considerable 3% decrease in the bounce rate.

+2% HIke

A +2% hike in organic conversions was also seen.


Our Capabilities

We eat, sleep & and breathe the art of crafting deeply connected brands, services & campaigns.

Our mission? To ignite lasting & prosperous relationships between businesses & their cherished customers.

Insights & Strategy

We don't just plan & strategize for the present, we catapult your brand into


Spicing up your brand's game with content that's as unique as a unicorn on roller skates.

Experience Design

UI/UX made to make your brand shine brighter than a disco ball on a rocket ship!

Advertising & Scale

Mixing creativity with rocket fuel to propel your brand's life to new heights.