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The importance of website design

In today’s world, a website plays a vital role in building brand identity and driving sales conversions. While a great website can help take the brand to new heights, a poorly designed website can put a dent in their reputation. But creating a website design that meets all the needs of a brand is no easy feat. You have to convince your audience to stay on your website within the first few seconds, itself. We create websites that engage the audience and meet their expectations. From compelling visual design to immaculate user experience flow, we pay attention to every aspect branding to come up with website designs that drive results.

How to design a better-converting website

We create designs that are centred around the needs of the users. And to make this happen, we do thorough research into the user base of the brand. It helps us create designs that deliver results.

With a purpose

CA great website is more than just a beautiful design. It must be designed with a clear understanding of the goals and conversion points and how it will drive the users to those respective goals.

Easily visible

A website must be designed in a way that is easily recognizable by search engines. It should be technically optimised and have relatable landing pages to drive the audience to the website.

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Our Website Design Process

We build websites that are not only aesthetically beautiful but offers the users a flawless experience while helping you reach your objectives.

Discovery + User Research

Getting to know you and your users is the beginning of our creative journey. So, we talk to the stakeholders, your employees and your users. We conduct quantitative research like surveys and analyse all the data available to design robust website design.


Website strategy is all about aligning the different aspects of creating a website with business goals. It is where we set the direction of the website.
A strategist collaborates with the design, experience and content team to devise a plan based on the SWOT analysis. This plan sets the tone for your project.


TIn planning, the strategic plan is put into motion by creating the blueprint of the sitemap. This is the step where we identify the technical requirements and specifications of the website.
A sitemap shows the hierarchy and structure of the pages and is the first key deliverable. Next comes wireframe, which showcases the structure of individual pages. These deliverables are supported by thorough user research.


Design is where all the final magic happens. We explore different possibilities with you, getting to know how you want to position your brand and website.
After understanding your vision, we design coloured mockups of each template, building on the wireframes created during the planning and present them to your team for the feedback.


Our team of copywriters know what works on the web and what does not. They know how to make words flow to capture the attention of the users.
They think from a consumer perspective to write the content that not only gets the attention of the users but also make it attractive to search engine bots.


SEO is the pillar of creating an effective website. Building your website first, and putting SEO to a later stage can result in missing out some great opportunities.
That is why each website we design has SEO as a key aspect. Our SEO specialists are involved in the process from the beginning to make sure that everything is relevant and follow SEO guidelines.

Development and Launch

We excel not only in website designing but also in website development. We have an in-house web development team, but we are equally comfortable working with your in-house team or a third party development team.

Case study
Oxigen Wallet


Conceptualized ad campaign to position the brand in the market