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Bringing design, content, strategy, and data together to build brand value and brand loyalty.

Choosing the Social Media Partner

Building a following on social media and engaging your audience with relatable content calls for strategic thinking, expertise, understanding of the markets, and the ability to foster relationships. The right social media partner will offer:

Multi-Channel Marketing Experience

Social media platforms are ever-evolving with new trends coming in every second day. Your social media agency must be on the top of all the recent trends and practices; only then they will be able to create innovative content and reach the right audience.

Content Development Capabilities

Content is the king when it comes to gain the attention of the right audience. But when it comes to social media, one must not only create the content that resonates with the audience but also ensure that the right content is published on the right platform.

Data-driven Decision Making

Data is crucial in gaining insight into the audience and content performance. Your agency should be able to gauge the direction of the data and adapt quickly to the changes, whenever need be.

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Our Social Media Services

We bring together data, design, content, and strategy to create engaging stories that resonate with your customers to build trust and loyalty.

Research & Social Listening

To create content that will engage your audience, you must know them well. We look beyond the demographics, into the interests, attitude, and motivation.
We use different social listening tools to know what people are saying about your brand and what is happening in your industry to accumulate data and create communication strategies.

Planning & Optimization

Every social media platform has its advantages, and we ensure that your brand is on the right channel. Our team of experts help you create content that is right for each channel.
Whether you are introducing your brand on social media channels or are looking to enhance the user experience and the brand value, we can help you optimise your brand with the right strategy, call-to-action and more.

Creating Content

Content is the king, and social media is a perfect example of this. As your social media partner, we drive our expertise in copywriting and design to create compelling content that is relatable and engaging.
We use our insights to recommend content that makes your audience feel connected to your brand and channels on which it will create the maximum impact.

Organic Social

Although pay to play has become the ‘it’ thing to gain the large scale reach, it is important to maintain organic communication as well. We create a communication strategy and content calendar with messaging optimised according to different channels, to build your brand’s following, organically.

Paid Social

Just like in any other domain, data plays a crucial role in increasing ROI on social media as well. To give a boost to your organic efforts, we create ad campaigns using detailed knowledge of the target audience and its interests. We regularly monitor the creative performance and optimise our communication and ad budget to make sure that your money gets you the desired result.

Measurement and Reporting

While ongoing monitoring of the campaigns gives us a holistic view of the performance, we make sure to compare our campaign KPIs to its goals, regularly.
Reporting, for us, is a tool to build better ad strategies, find ways to improve targeting and align the ad campaigns as per the dynamic needs of your brand. We share detailed reports, fortnightly and monthly, as per your requirement.