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Experience Design

Mobile App Design Agency

Crafting seamless experiences with user-centric designs

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For the user

Today, mobiles are the primary source for people to engage in digital platforms. And they want this experience of navigating brands online to be nothing less than perfect.
Apps are, probably, one of the best ways of making your audience engage with you daily. But to get your audience to make that kind of commitment, of downloading and using the app regularly, the experience must be impeccable, which we deliver by focusing solely on the user.

  • Listen to the user

    Your app design partner should dive deep into understanding your users and what will work for them. Only then can they design an app that will perform.

  • Design for user needs

    The secret of a great app design is in its simplicity and ease to use. A user is looking for easy solutions, and that is what a mobile app design must deliver.

  • Test with real users

    Testing with real users is the key that will help an agency understand whether an app works or not. Once everything is in place, the agency must let the actual users go hand-on with the product to know how well it performs.

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Our App Design Process

We follow a strategic, creative, and user-centric approach to design a mobile app. Our team strives to create flawless digital experiences that are based on research and user feedback.

  • Discovery + Strategy

    It begins with understanding your brand and the problems you aim to solve through the app. Based on this understanding, we conduct extensive research to identify user needs and the problems they are facing.
    Along with the audience research, our team studies the app landscape to identify the latest trends and best practices. We try to understand what your competitors are doing and how we can create a product that differentiates us from the rest of them.

  • UX Design

    Based on the client understanding and user insight, our UX team creates personas and draws their user journey, breaking down each step. Clear task flows help define the features that are required to create a smooth experience for the user journey.
    A sitemap lays out an experience, screen by screen, through wireframes to help you visualise the app and understand the user flow.

  • User Testing

    User Testing is an essential part of our app design process. We make sure that representatives of key user groups get to use prototypes and beta versions from the very beginning to understand their behaviour and collect data. We use the information gathered to optimise the app for a better experience.

  • UI Design

    We start our design process by sharing some inspirations to understand your vision of the product. Once the vision is aligned, our design team sets the work in motion by creating the visual identity of your app.
    We make sure to craft a design that meets the user expectations of both iOS and Android users. We know how to blend the aesthetics with smooth functionality.

  • Deployment + Post Launch

    Once the UX and UI mock-ups are approved, the app enters into the development stage. After assisting you with the creation, development and launch of the app, we are ready to support you in marketing it across different platforms.
    We offer complete technical support for your app.

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