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UI UX Design Agency

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What makes a great IA/UX team

Infrastructure Architecture and User Experience is like a blueprint, a visual representation of infrastructure, features, and hierarchy of a website. It is a language that defines a website. Your UX team must:

  • Understand your User

    A good UX team must put a great deal of emphasis on understanding what your user think, feel, and like - and translating these insights into an experience that they will like.

  • Understand Usability

    Usability is the most critical aspect of the UX design. Your UX designer should be able to identify important user task flows and explain the reason behind every step.

  • Has the Tools to Test

    User testing is something that is not a part of every website process, but when needed, your team must be able to suggest testing tools that fall under your budget and offer a useful user insight.

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Our IA/UX Process

Our IA/UX process is flexible to match the needs of our clients, but the goal is the same every time - to deliver a website structure that translates the user understanding into a flawless web experience.

  • Discovery + User Research

    Similar to our other services, and IA/UX project starts with understanding the goals of your business. This enables us to set the project goals and deliver a successful website design.
    We undertake a different kind of approaches to research about your audience, including surveys, interviews, and user testing. We further work with your team to narrow down your audience set based on our research and your business goals.

  • Persona Creation + User Journeys

    A persona is a fictional representation of your ideal audience set. While a persona puts a face, name, and qualities to your audience set, user journey maps the process a user follows to accomplish a task, making a note of all the touchpoints along the way.
    These tools ensure that all our decisions are centred around your users.

  • Sitemap / App Map

    This is the real Information Architecture part of the entire process. A site map presents the flow of the website; how different pages fit together to create a flow and how users can navigate through the website to complete their action.

  • Wire-framing + Prototyping

    A wireframe is a visual guide that represents the framework of a website. Prototyping takes the wireframing a step further and gives an insight into how different functionalities would perform.
    Wireframe and Prototype help the UI designer in understanding the flow and key interactions and make spectacular design mock-ups.

  • Documentation and Tech Specs

    Our team works hand in hand with the developers and designers to create detailed specifications displaying how each interaction will work. Our team makes sure to deliver efficiency and effectiveness in every experience we create.

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Lecoanet Hemant

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