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Experience Design

eCommerce Website Design Company

Creating successful online marketplaces through experience-driven design strategy

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Essential elements of eCommerce website design

To make someone buy your product, you must first make them believe in your brand and services. Knowing who they are, what are their inherent interests, and purchase behaviour is vital to lead them to make the purchase.

  • Gaining Audience insights

    There are various options in the market, but what makes your brand the best? Making the user aware of how you will benefit and add value to their life is crucial to converting them into a buyer.

  • Experience-driven design

    User Experience is the most important metric of any eCommerce platform. With users looking for a friendly and easily accessible layout, creating a compelling user experience should be at the top of every plan.

  • Purchasing convenience

    A simple and uncomplicated webpage is what most users desire. If they have to go through a long and tedious process to make a purchase, they’ll look for other options with a simpler process.

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Our eCommerce Website Design Process

The consumer is at the heart of our every design process, consisting of extensive user research, strategic planning, and experience-driven designs to build websites that are user friendly and drive results.

  • Discovery + User Research

    Our process begins by understanding your brand by having conversations with the stakeholders and studying the market and industry trends.
    At the same time, our team undertakes research to understand your audience and their shopping behaviour.

  • Strategy

    Once the research is complete, a senior strategist along with the key members from all the departments to make a strategic plan based on the insights gathered.
    Once the way forward is finalised from our side, we present our insights and strategy to your team to draw the final design layout for your website.

  • Planning

    Based on our research and insights, our UX team creates a sitemap, which is a blueprint of how the site will appear and function. Simultaneously, the planning team lists out the technical requirements and specifications to ensure that the website runs smoothly once live.

  • Design

    This is where the website finally starts to take shape. Our team of designers work in collaboration with your team to define the visual layout of your website.
    We ensure that the strategic concepts shared with you are incorporated seamlessly in the design with full-colour mock-ups and optimised designs for both web and mobile.

  • eCommerce Website Development

    Now is the time to turn the vision into reality. Our team of developers work round the clock to bring to life the designs while ensuring that your website provides its consumers with optimum performance.

  • Testing + Launch

    We ensure that your dream website is fully functional and its performance at the highest. We make sure that it meets your benchmark for it to be ready to be launched in the market.

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Assam Bengal Navigation

Assam Bengal Navigation

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