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Connecting with the audience over a compelling visual story

Telling Compelling Brand Stories through videos

A picture speaks a thousand words, imagine how many can a video speak? A visual story has always been a great way to engage with your audience and has become more relevant in today’s time of digital media.

Interest in your brand

Your motion graphics team must take a genuine interest in your brand, only then will they be able to create a story that resonates with your brand and audience.

Love for storytelling

Creating motion graphics is like telling a story, but through visuals. Your team must comprise master storytellers and great marketers to create something that hits a chord with the audience and meet your business goals at the same time.

Animation skills

Flawless animation is what differentiates a successful video from a good one. Your team must be skilled in more than one type of animation, to suggest what is most suitable to tell your brand story.

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How we craft exceptional visual stories

Motion graphics can be of varying needs and purposes, but the process of creating a compelling video is the same. We follow a traditional, tried, and tested method to craft visual stories that speak to your audience.


Scripting sets the stage for the entire process. Our team of copywriters & visualisers sit with your team to understand the purpose of the video. They study your set audience set, their interests, and motivations to get a clear understanding of what will gain their attention.
Then comes the writing part, when the story of your product/brand is written, and complementary imagery is selected.


Once the scripting is finalised, it is time to draw the graphics representing how the story will unfold, frame by frame. Each frame consists of notes about what is going on in the screen and what is being said by the characters.
Storyboarding is the complete representation of what the video will look like once it is finished.


This is where the actual designing takes place. Our team of designers start designing the graphics according to the storyboard, bringing to life the character and elements. We put together the final layout of how graphics, audio, voiceovers, animation and all other elements will look like.


Animation is the part that entices the audience. This is what sets the story in motion. Our team of expert animation designers make sure that the animation is smooth, captivating, and represents the script and design completely.

Sound Design

Now that the animation of the video is done, the only thing remaining to make the motion graphics complete is the sound design. We add sound effects to the video as per the requirement, be it voiceovers or a soothing background sound.
We make sure that the audio is in conjunction with video frames and there’s not a single second of lag between them.

Final Rendering

The motion graphic is now ready to be rendered and uploaded for the final delivery. With this, the motion graphic captures the attention of your audience through a visual story that is captivating and defines your brand values.

Case study
Oxigen Wallet


Conceptualized ad campaign to position the brand in the market