iOS Vs Android Which platform is better for your first App?

When people buy a smartphone, it works mostly on one of the two main operating systems, Apple iOS or Google Android. There are a few more in the market, but the most popular ones are iOS and Android. Now the doubt is which platform is better for your product? The answer is both. The only question one should have is, which platform to go first? It’s true that both of these platforms have some merits and demerits, and in this blog, we will be providing you the guidance to decide which platform to opt for your first app. This blog will provide you the clarity through some exciting facts of these two platforms.

iOS Vs Android

First, let us have a look into some facts about market data considering these two apps. The mobile apps have transformed every industry across the globe and become a mainstay of consumers’ daily routines.


1. Market Data

Business Segment of apps

As per the stats, we can see the number of apps available for download in leading app stores as of the first quarter of 2019 is enormous. As of early 2019, the Android app store was leading the charts. Android users were able to choose between 2.1 million apps. Apple’s App Store was not behind much and remained the second-largest app store. It has got almost 1.8 million available apps.

App Downloads

According to the App Annie report, there were overall 28.4 billion downloads on the IOS play store whereas 20 billion downloads for google play store in 2018.

Total App Revenue

According to the App Annie report, there were overall 28.4 billion downloads on the IOS play store whereas 20 billion downloads for google play store in 2018.

2. Development Language

Java is the language used to build Android-based apps. It entails a lot of code to be written. To create IOS based apps, Swift is the language used. Coding involved in Swift is hassle-free and fast compared to Java language.

However, there is always a solution to curb the problem. There is an excellent option to java, Kotlin coding language was designed as java language modification. There are some advantages associated with it, such as it is easy to read and better to comprehend.

3. Design Outlook

Navigation: Android-based apps opt for colorful icons, whereas, with IOS based apps, the icons are either grey or blue by default. The navigation bar is located left for android devices whereas, for IOS based apps, it is placed at the top.

Screen: Apple-based iOS devices are equipped with two screen sizes with three resolutions for iPhone. On the other hand, Google-based devices which work on the Android platform has a large number of screen sizes with better screen resolutions.

4. The Audience

Consider your target audience’s geographic and demographic characteristics when deciding which platform to develop for first. If you’re targeting a broad global audience, Android may be your best bet. If your audience is in Western Europe or North America, or if you’re an e-commerce or enterprise app, Apple may be a better choice.

5. Development Twist

Android-based devices have a wide scope of systems that run on devices. Apple, on the other hand, has minimal options. Due to this, Android-based creation is much more complicated and slower as compared to IOS-based devices. It takes 50% longer for engineers to establish android based apps compared to IOS apps.

6. Development Time

It is too complicated to create android apps compared to IOs apps. It is 30 to 40% slower compared to IOS apps.

7. Compliance

Google play provides much more liberty and flexibility when it comes to uploading your app, whereas apple-based devices come with a tighter and longer rule before getting published in the store.

8. Updates

Apple-based IOS devices provide quick and reliable software updates. To receive the same feel on Android, then it is essential to buy one of Google’s Pixel phones. To summarize, if you wish to target recent updates, security updates, IOS is the platform to go for.

9. Cloud Services

Android is the winner with regards to cloud services as the cloud storage is more efficient, effective, and far easier to use than iCloud. The most amazing part is that google drive can be used on the iPhone also. Apple is still struggling when it comes to cloud storage. With Google Drive, 15GB is free and can work on various platforms, whereas with cloud, it offers only 5GB and it performs with Mac, IOS only.

Now the real question arises, which platform should one select?

  1. Check where your audience lives, who they are, what are the features that they want. Also, look at your development timeline and budget to determine whether you should build a business app for Android or iOS first.
  2. If you need to develop quickly and cheaply, then iOS is the right choice.
  3. Also, if you have wanted to make money with your app or build an e-commerce app, the solution is iOS.
  4. However, if you’re targeting global or emerging markets, especially in Asia and Latin America, or if your app involves features that Apple doesn’t support, then Android is your best bet.

Both of these platforms are equally impressive to use. It all depends on analyzing the requirements placed by the project and choose the platform based on it. No matter which platform you chose, if you make it work well and build a good followers count, people on other platforms will start looking for your app. And when this happens, it’s time to build another version of your app for the other platform. When you plan to develop your mobile device, it all comes down to a seasoned vendor. The Company matters a lot, whether it has the potential to deliver the project successfully or not.