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Crafting seamless eCommerce Website

Unlike other sites, an eCommerce website is at the centre of the sales operation of any business. Thus, it is important to ensure that all the elements are executed properly to attain the desired results.

Smooth Shopping Experience

One of the main objectives of an eCommerce website is to make shopping fast, easy, and secure. The loading speed of different pages should be fast with a consistent and user-friendly interface. It should have all the elements, from functioning to visual appeal, and captivating content, to meet the user expectations.

Right Integrations

Consumers expect sites to remember their interests and priorities based on their last interaction. As a consumer-facing platform, a great website must offer a real-time support mechanism. Apart from this, it is always a good strategy to keep them updated with the latest offers, collections, and upcoming deals to build trust.

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Our eCommerce Website Development Process

Every project is unique, but over time, we have established a process that has been tested in the eCommerce sphere across different industries.

Technical Discovery

We begin by understanding your brand and what you plan to achieve. We talk to your technical team and stakeholders to get a detailed insight into the project. This enables us to filter the business requirements and choose an appropriate technology.

Platform Assessment & Recommendation

Choosing the right platform lays the foundation of a proficient website. We take into consideration your technical requirements, integrations & customisation process, and non-functional factors such as vendor profile, security, and budget.
Our team of developers make sure that the front end stack meets the expectations of the users.

IA, Design & Copy-writing

As a complete eCommerce development agency, we have specialised teams to research, strategise, design and create excellent eCommerce websites.
We start planning the development in the initial stages itself so that our entire team is working in tandem to deliver what is promised.

Front and Back-End Coding

Every eCommerce site development project is led by a technical project manager, who is supported by an account director to ensure that the project keeps up with the timeline and budget.
Our development team is expert in the whole range of modern web development language, including PHP, Angular, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS and Javascript and different platforms like Laravel, React, WordPress, Magento.


Once the development of the site is complete, our team of QA engineers break down the app to eliminate any bugs and resolve all the issues that may arise.
The site is hosted on a development server, before making it live, to take final feedback from your team.

CMS Training & Launch

Before handing over the website to your technical team, we make sure that they are adept in managing all the processes, from adding products, to giving discounts, and making returns. Once everything is in order, it’s time to make the website live and running.