10 Tips for good Mobile UX design

This happens to so many businesses that their desktop version of the website looks so great while the mobile version sucks. And this affects the Sales, hurts the brand badly, and makes the market position weak. The electronic devices are getting smaller by the day while the customer’s expectation from products, bigger. User Experience is something that defines how people interact with brands today. So, yes, UX can make or break a user-product relationship. It has to be up to the mark no matter what device the customer is using to explore your business. It’s not just we who believe in it. According to Guardian, mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop.

Let us tell you 10 tips to make a brilliant Mobile Site’s UX!

1. Easily accessible Call to Action Buttons

Whenever the potential customer lands on your landing page, he or she must get some value along with outstanding UI design.

If your content triggers buying emotions in customers, they’ll look for taking action. So make sure your call to action buttons are easily accessible to them.

2. Tailor your Content

Respect your customer’s time. They are craving for speed. If you don’t get your message quickly, you just might lose them. Crowding your website with irrelevant content is a bad content strategy, so make it short and useful.

3. Simple and Consistent Design

We are discussing UX over here, and the most valuable tip is to ‘keep it simple.’ There are many landing page templates that people use these days, and unnecessarily make their designs complicated. You should use simple fonts, smooth color schemes, and illustrations to convey your content effectively. The design layout has to be consistent throughout the page or article.

4. Enable Sticky Menu

If the content is too big and engaging enough, then people keep scrolling down to read it. And now when they want to check some relevant pages of websites like ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch with you, they need to keep scrolling up to the top. This gets tiring and makes them mad. The users should have the liberty to switch between the pages that they want. And this is only possible with Sticky Menus. A sticky menu does many things. It keeps all the essential content always accessible to the users.

5. Less Typing, More Tapping

If your website is interactive and there are forms for subscriptions, events, offers to be filled by users, make sure you design them in a way that users fill them very quickly, maybe under 10 seconds. This is possible when you give them options to choose from instead of making them type.

For example, For an event form, you want to ask people, “Why do you want to join our Program?”. You expect them to answer, and now the user needs to do the brainstorming and type the answer. It’s going to take time, and you might lose some of the leads here.

It’s better if you give options for ‘why they want to join.’ Now, all they have to do is tap for the right options. Wherever possible, give more options, reduce the text bars, and utilize more buttons. The easier it is, the better it gets.

6. Lesser Pop-ups

When the person is on your landing page, his focus is on reading the content. And the Pop-up is like an interruption, and it frustrates many users. It’s like a disturbance. Businesses so badly want the signups, but getting them at the cost of interrupting the users is a bad strategy. It is not supporting our idea of making the site user-friendly. So, use Pop-ups less.

7. Appropriate Link and Button Sizes

All humans have different finger sizes. According to Fitt’s Law, people have a hard time hitting targets that are small in size. So, it’s important that you make the links and buttons big enough for people to touch them.

8. Search Option

If your website has a lot of content, and people want to find some particular content, it would be a challenging task for them. To make them search it on the go, you must have a Search option on your website. Making things readily available for your use is the central part of the mobile user experience.

9. Desktop Switching Option

The mobile site has to simple and sorted. But this stops us from crowding the mobile site. And when the user wants to see the complete site, it becomes a difficult job. The desktop site is the solution to this problem. By enabling switching to the desktop site, you entice your user with most of the content while also offering the option to view the complete site.

10. Repeated Testing

Designing a compelling user experience is a continuous process. So, you must test the user experience of your site with a lot of content and a lot of people. Test with people of different backgrounds, education, gender, profession, and even phone’s brand. This will give you essential inputs for an incredible UX.


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